The first two years with a Feminesse Menstrual Cup


By Sara Omre 


 you buy one Feminesse Menstural Cup today, for the next two years you could save yourself time, money and this lovely planet that we are on!

A menstrual cup is a small silicone cup that is inserted internally like a tampon but instead of collecting your blood, it absorbs it. It’s reusable and one cup can last you for up to two years.

However, we’re not going to lie, at first the cup can be difficult to master! With a little practice it does get easier.

Here’s what it’s really like using the cup from the beginning to end…

In the first week

Congratulations! You’ve made the leap to buy the Feminesse Cup and your menstrual cup journey has begun! The problem is that now you are £17.99 out of pocket (gulp!), so let’s hope it’s worth it!

When you first open up the box and find this ginormous blue cup with a lid you nearly faint. How is that going to fit!? There is hysterical laughter with a few moments of panic before you discover that the cup is the small, clear silicone part in the base of the blue container. Phew!

In the first month

The first time you try the cup it’s really tricky to get to grips with. Trying to master the folding technique without the cup popping open too soon is hard.

You finally get the cup in and there are a few leaks and the occasional fear that the cup might be stuck in there! Deep breathes and relaxing means that you can get the cup out but you’re not sure you can face another few period days like this.

You have a quick google and realise that it’s totally normal to find it tricky to begin with. What a relief! Hopefully next month will be better.

First 4 months

If you were to spend just £5 a month on sanitary products you would have already spent £20 by now. The initial big spend is long forgotten, especially as now you have already made back your investment. Not to mention that no more time wasted on last minute shopping dashes is feeling pretty good.

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First 6 months

You are now a master of inserting and removing the menstrual cup. If you were an avid tampon user, then you would know the pain of inserting a dry tampon in on those last few period days. As the menstrual cup doesn’t absorb anything you are not risking upsetting your pH balance or causing dryness and irritation.

Another positive benefit of the cup that you’ve started to notice is that if you do have that cheeky lie in on a Saturday, you don’t have to wake up concerned that you’ve exceeded the 8 hour time limit of tampons. Menstrual Cups can be worn for up to 12 hours, depending on the heaviness of your flow, which means less bathroom trips or clock watching for when those hours are up!

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1 year

It is estimated that a woman will throw away 10,000 tampons and pads in a lifetime. On top of that, every year 45 billion feminine hygiene products are disposed of globally. Most sanitary products disposed of end up in landfills but some make it into our oceans and onto our beaches.

The fact that the cup is reusable means that you are reducing the number of sanitary products disposed each month.

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2 years

If you hadn’t bought a cup you could have spent £120 on your period over the two years. By now you will have saved at least £100 but really it’s not the money that’s really swaying it for you anymore.

For those of you with an active lifestyle, you are now spending more of your time doing what you love the whole month through. Thanks to the cup’s design, it is an ideal menstrual aid for all kinds of sports, travelling and day-to-day usage, without fear of leaks.

The menstrual cup has become part of your day to day life and you couldn’t imagine a period without it!

This post is sponsored by Feminesse Menstrual Cups.

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